In more detail

We look at a wide range of subjects and bring in complementary expertise from a network of partners as required to deliver larger or more complex projects. To give you a flavour of what we do, here is a summary of recent work and market experience.

Understanding consumer behaviour and attitudes, especially in relation to their use fixed and mobile telecoms markets for digital goods and services, including:

  • Attitudes towards payment for digital goods and services, trust drivers
  • Charitable donations made on mobiles
  • Gaming on mobile devices, consumer engagement with gaming via social media.
  • Consumer trust, trust drivers and their attitudes towards security on mobiles

Analysis of business processes, including:

  • Scoping and delivery of operational research needs.
  • Scoping and delivery of incident handling processes
  • Consumer marketplace risk analysis

Land use and ecology, conservation biology, upland vegetation dynamics, including:

  • Analysis of the dynamics of biological systems.
  • Spatially explicit models of vegetation systems.

Research consultancy & analysis

Research project: How bracken control methods affect archaeological remains

Bracken rhizomes cause damage to archaeological sites, so Historic England would like to understand how to control it without causing damage. Ketmar is working with Historic England to better understand how a variety of bracken control techniques affect archaeological remains.




  • End to end market research, consumer surveys, business reports and academic research projects
  • Analysis, forecasting, statistical modelling and simulation modelling for your project
  • Project and survey design and analysis
  • Report production for business, academics or the general public
  • Web data extraction and bespoke social media analytics

Case Study: Facebook page use by the Cumbrian farming community

This report by Ketmar, free to download describes how social media are being adopted by the UK farming communities.


Ketmar designs and undertakes bespoke research and analysis for a range of clients. Projects range in scale from one-off consultations to long-term data gathering and reports for publication. In consultation with you, we can develop a detailed project brief, provide the tools to capture, structure and analyse data, and deliver the information you need in a format that works for you.

We are always happy to discuss your research needs, so if you have any questions, please get in touch.