About Ketmar

Ketmar was founded by me, David Oatway. I'm a research scientist by background, based in the English Lake District. I have over 20 years of experience working on quantitative and qualitative research projects in a number of fields, including ecology, agriculture, operational research, risk analysis, telecoms and regulation. .

I spent a number of years as Head of Research at a UK-based telecoms regulator and as such have a strong interest in the telecoms and communications technology markets. Much of my research in this area has been concerned with developments in the markets for digital goods and services, and the interface between consumer behaviour and emerging mobile and online technologies.

I have also worked in operational research, delivering management information and scoping, then implementing business reporting tools for the public healthcare and private sectors.

I have a PhD in ecology and a passion for understanding the natural world. Outside of the scientific discipline of ecology, I'm particularly interested in environmental matters, especially exploration of how individuals perceive their efforts to mitigate personal environmental impact.